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For Experienced Course Creators Aligned With the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot (High Profit Margins, Working 5-Hour Days with a Lean, Remote Team).

By THE Course Cartel


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For Aspiring and Current Course Creators (making under $100k/year) Ready to Create, Launch and Scale One Flagship Digital Course or Program

By THE Course Cartel


Let’s make waves.

(And It’s a Beautiful Thing).

Passive Income Doesn’t Exist. But, Leveraged
Income Does.

Honesty is the best policy so we’ll give it to you straight

If you’re ambitious, committed, and really (really) want it.

The online business you deserve and desire is so possible for you, and it CAN be simple.

Because, here’s the truth:

One that focuses on building a business that creates real impact and feels just right for YOU.

One that doesn’t sugarcoat the (hard) work to get there.

One that prioritizes freedom and happiness.

In an online course world that perpetuates false promises of “passive income” with zero work, that is obsessed with relentless scale and “more, more, more” at any cost.. and which often results in burnout, broken dreams and businesses that aren’t aligned with the reason the owner started it in the first place, we’re committed to forging a different path.

We’re wildly different in our approach.

(And, oh so very worth it).

 The ULTIMATE “lifestyle business sweet spot” with high profits, 5-hour work days and a
lean, remote team? It’s a three - five year journey from start to finish.

Starting from scratch?

Our way

Welcome home.
You’re in the right place.

If you value honesty and transparency, you’re ready to do the work to get what you want, your desired endgame is a chill, happy and impactful business over relentless scale at any cost (oh, and you firmly want to work with an online course business aligned with YOUR desired endgame to get there? 

Think, a few years of hard work, so you can enjoy Fridays off, work out at 10am, spend time with your family without side-eyeing a screen, feel financially free, have the capacity to build real wealth... and do it all without grinding away 12 hours a day.

freedom and impact through online entrepreneurship. 

To inspire and facilitate life-changing

To inspire and facilitate life-changing freedom and impact through online entrepreneurship. 

Our mission is simple:

Purpose-Led, Impact-Driven & Freedom-Obsessed.

Our impact

As course creators, we are uniquely placed to make waves of impact that extend far beyond our bank account. Every ‘leveraged’ dollar that isn’t reliant on our time represents a step toward more time, freedom and happiness in our own lives, more quality time with our family, more freedom to do the work we truly love, and the unique ability to create ripple effects of impact as we serve our students and transform THEIR lives with the transformations our courses facilitate.

That's why we call every dollar made from a course sale a "freedom dollar".

Our Impact Commitment: For every freedom dollar that our Launchpad clients make from the sales of their Launchpad flagship online course, we will give a day of life-saving access to education, food or clean water to someone that needs it.

Our FIRST goal is 1 million days. Our vision? Is for more people to live ON PURPOSE in the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, doing what they love and making ripple effects of impact doing it that extend far beyond the time, freedom and happiness they generate in their OWN lives.

To our Launchpad Clients — thank you. Together, we will make TRUE impact. 

Not all dollars are created equal.

Introducing our #1Mfreedomdays campaign —


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Jessica Ryan —

“I put this success down to what I’ve learned here on Launchpad the last few months around the clarity of my messaging. With clarity of messaging and lots of practice with my copy, good things are brewing!”

“It’s been a $16,000 day for me with a week of sales to go!”



No word of a lie, Stevie and Launchpad have changed my life. I could go on for days but if you’re looking to do something huge with your business/ life I can’t recommend it enough. Best investment ever.

“I just ticked over $100,000"



I had 10 places, and at the last minute ended up selling 12 because the last 3 all wanted the same remaining 1 place in the last hour. This was $22,000 “lazy” launch" which is so great!

“My Foundation Round Sold OUT!”

A podcast that’s dedicated to helping ambitious current and aspiring digital course creators hit the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot™ – making 400k+ in profit, working 5-hour days with a lean, remote team and a simple business model that swaps relentless scale for a simple, happy, impactful business. From start to finish? It’s a three to five year journey – and truly? It’s oh so worth it.

You’re a dreamer, yes — but you’re also a doer, and you’re willing to do the damn work to get there. You crave freedom, impact and to make a ding in the universe not just for YOU but also ripple effects of it for your clients, your family, and
the world.

If you’re intelligent, ambitious, wildly committed and you want more – but you prioritize time, freedom and happiness over relentless scale at any cost – this is the podcast for you.

We cover all things online business, and specifically? Online courses, creating a profitable lifestyle business over relentless scale at any cost, becoming a thought leader, authority and micro celebrity in your space through marketing, building wealth as an online business owner, lifestyle design, purpose and impact beyond your bank account and more. 

The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.


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