🌈 How to Make Instagram FUN Again With Britt Worthington, The Social Britify

October 31, 2023

Feeling like you need a five year bachelor degree in Marketing just to show up on Instagram?

In today’s podcast episode, Britt Worthington from The Social Britify (@thesocialbritify) is back to help you escape Instagram post-paralysis and get the visibility, attention and leads your business needs with a simple formula for reverse-engineering your content strategy (and finally stop overthinking it).

She’s on a mission to make Instagram fun again, and those vibes are CONTAGIOUS. I have personally taken some of her approach into my Instagram strategy recently, and my engagement has never been higher.

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Here’s a few of the things we cover:

  • Why everyone is over the standard advice on Instagram, and how it is stopping people from showing up at all;
  • Why content pillars are the worst approach to planning your Instagram content, and what to do instead;
  • The “top down” approach to planning your Instagram content, and how to map out concepts that align with your goals;
  • The importance of leaning into your own strengths and preferences when it comes to choosing the vehicle for your Instagram posts;
  • How to start seamlessly creating authentic, genuine and impactful content that gets you in front of the right people;

Britt is also hosting an anti-masterclass this week (it’s a masterclass, but with none of the boring bits) called “How to Make Instagram Fun Again!” To register (I’ll be there with BELLS on), head to https://thesocialbritify.txfunnel.com/registerhere

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PS Don’t miss Britts Instagram class on Thursday, to register and find out how to make Instagram fun again, click here: https://thesocialbritify.txfunnel.com/registerhere

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Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

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