A Date With Gary Vee (Me and a Few Thousand Others!)

November 8, 2017

Gary Vee Social Media Marketing


Humility. Integrity. Intelligence.

I have these words written on the cover of my work diary and look at them every day.


Because they’re the traits I want to guide my daily actions in business and in life. They are – in my opinion – the three most important traits a person can possess.

And when I come across them in others, I take notice.

I’ve gotta pay attention though, because usually it’s not the loudest, most obvious people in a room that have these qualities I so admire. More often, it’s those quietly achieving in the background.

That’s why Gary Vee took me by surprise when I first came across him.

A couple of years ago, I was on iTunes searching for a new podcast to listen to as I headed out for a run and clicked – as I usually did – on the top ten podcasts in the business category.

Sometimes, the podcasts I’d find there would be pure gold.

Other times, I’d come across loud, arrogant know-it-alls and they’d be talking in my ear til I’d lose it, stop and pull my earbuds out and then end up running the rest of my track in silence.

Anyway, one day the ‘Ask Gary Vee’ show popped up in the top 10. I clicked on it, plugged in my earphones and started listening as I began running.

First thoughts?

Loud, abrasive American. Who IS this guy, I thought?!

I had momentum though, and I didn’t want to stop to turn it off because I was running a good time.

And so his voice played on in my ear for a few minutes, and I kind of half listened.. until something interesting happened. He started making sense – a lot of it.

This guy KNEW marketing and approached it in a way that I hadn’t ever heard anyone talk about it before.

He was intelligent.

And, in spite of the confidence and cockiness, he actually managed to come across as humble – and trust me, cocky AND humble is a mean feat. He also seemed to care about the people calling into his show. Like, genuinely – you could hear it in his voice.

And just like that, I was hooked.

I didn’t search for another new podcast again because for the next year I listened the the entire Gary Vee back catalogue, and every single podcast and Daily Vee show he put out.

He made more and more sense the more I listened, and how wrong my original judgement had been.

When I found out that he was coming to Australia, I JUMPED at the chance to go see him. Today was that day!

Here’s a summary of his presentation both for the GV fans, and for anyone wondering who and what the HELL I’m going on about.



There’s positive people, and there’s negative Nancys.

And ultimately? Whichever mindset you’ve got will dictate what actually HAPPENS.

When it comes to new technology and social and all things digital, you’re either on the offence or the defence. You’re EXCITED about it and the opportunities that it can bring, or you’re against it and wishing for the good old days.

Technology doesn’t care about your opinions or feelings. This stuff is happening, and nobody gives a fark if you don’t like it. Attack reality, or get left behind.



We all hear about Facebook ads and social media marketing being CHEAP, but according to Gary the market is even BETTER and things are MORE affordable in Australia – we’re talking 20% to 40% BETTER than the States.

THAT excites me.



A year ago, more people DIDN’T listen to podcasts than did.

Now, almost every second person is a podcast listener.

Why did it explode?


The benefit of a podcast over a video is that people can multitask whilst listening.  You can listen while you’re in the car, washing the dishes, showering (this may or may not be responsible for the demise of my last iPhone), or yep.. running

Gary’s advice?

If you don’t already have a podcast? START ONE YESTERDAY.

I will be! Watch this space.



‘It’s stunning that people don’t have the HUMILITY to risk trying new stuff and sucking/failing, yet have the AUDACITY to want all of the glory that comes with succeeding anyway’.

Direct quote. Enough said.



Bottom line?

If you don’t spend 2018 utterly OBSESSING on how you become successful on Facebook and Instagram, you are disproportionately less likely to WIN.

For the next 12 months (safely) – and 36 months at a stretch – attention will remain grossly underpriced on these platforms. Why? BIG companies still aren’t pushing enough of their budget into it. That will change, and as it does the price will continue to go UP.

This moment in time? It’s special, and it will go away. And if you’re not maximising the opportunity and going ALL IN, you’ll look back and regret it.

Just like GV did when Google Adwords were a few cents a click – and now is much, much more.



Full stop.



Don’t get excited and run off to spend all your money on Facebook ads. If you have crap imagery, and the copy isn’t contextual, you will FAIL.

The variable to success? The CREATIVE. Get that right first by testing different things with SMALL budgets and when you hit on a winner? THEN, spend the money on it.



Wondering what to name your business? IT DOESN’T MATTER. Spend your time on the important stuff.



Over, and over, and over, and over, and over. THAT’S how you build a service business like Insurance, and THAT’S how you win.

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