Creating Connections is Key to Social Media Success

Why Creating Connection is the Key to Social Media Success

May 28, 2018

Buckle in guys, because in this episode we’re going deep.

Sure, I know you’ve got a biz and you’re bloody busy and time is ticking and you’re all like JUST TELL ME HOW TO MAKE SOME GODDAMN MONEY THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA DAMMIT.

I get it.

We’re ALL spinning our wheels, and when it it comes to social we just want to crack the damn code – and quickly, because we have a million other things to do.

The thing is though, that all of the lazy, so-called ‘quick win’ social media stuff you might have tried in the past hasn’t WORKED, has it?

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

So, let’s dive in!

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Blog Post


Using apps to auto-comment and hopefully get people to notice you.

‘Engaging’ on a 100 accounts with a little red love heart and kidding yourself that you’re building community.

Running ads and holding your breath, *hoping* they’re gonna work but never really seeing results.

We’re probably ALL guilty of one or more of the above at one stage or another. Honestly though, that’s doing social media the HARD way.

And by digging a little deeper, there’s an easier way to do things.

So bear with me, because this all of this legacy and brand story stuff I’m about to talk about? It’s the key to social media success, and it’s important.

For you, your sanity, your socials and ultimately, your bottom line.


We’re funny creatures. When it comes to products and services, we buy emotionally but we justify logically.

Heart – ‘This is the hottest car..!’

Head – ‘I need it though, just look at the state of my old Kia’.

Heart – ‘I need to look banging in a bikini for my trip to Croatia’

Head – ‘$400 on two pairs of bikinis is expensive, but totally worth it because I really do actually need a bikini and these ones are good quality so they’ll last ages.’*

*I may or may not be speaking from experience on this one.

The problem is, a lot of businesses speak ONLY to the head – the logical part of the decision making process.

Sign up to my lawn mowing service to get your lawn mowed. Buy my jewellery so you have some bling. Do my 10 week challenge to get fit. Get this bikini because it’s long wear and the fabric is non-fade.

Sure, that stuff matters. But it’s not why people buy and it’s not how you should be marketing.

To really connect with your clients and customers – to get them to FORK OUT money for your thing – you’ve gotta dive deeper.


At the end of the day, people do business with people.

Connection is made when people buy into what you do and why you do it.

And, not functional bit of why you do it – the aspiration, hopes and dreams bit.

How are you improving people’s LIVES through your business?

Ultimately, people come to you because they have a frustration and want it fixed (HEAD). But almost every time, it comes from future needs – their deep down fears and desires (HEART).

‘I want someone to manage my social media because I just don’t have the time’. (Want/Head)

‘I’m worried that if I’m not really nailing this I won’t be relevant, my competition will overtake me and my business will suffer’. (Fear/Heart).

As a business, it’s important to really speak to the hearts of our clients – their hopes, fears and dreams. It’s also important to be honest, and really lay out on the table why you do what you do. By doing that, you are giving your audience an opportunity to relate and creating the connection point you need to get them on board with your business and your brand.


Social media is, in my opinion, the VERY BEST platform to really dive in and speak to the hearts of your clients and customers.

It allows your business to be ‘personal’ in a way that no other marketing platform can.

And the best part is, you don’t need thousands and thousands of followers to do it!

Marketing with the heart in mind requires you to be crystal clear about who you’re speaking to.

By aiming your messaging at everyone, you’re speaking to no-one.

It’s that simple.

Rather than shouting at thousands of fans, approaching social in a way that allows you to connect in a BIG way with a smaller group of people who really get it, and you/your biz, is where the real profits are made.

If you really want the key to social media success, this is it.

So, how does it work in PRACTICE? Well, here’s a few things you can do.


Your social media channels are an opportunity to tell your BRAND STORY.

Say whhaaaaaaat?

Let’s use an example of what this is and how this works, using Instagram.

You know the first nine squares you see on your profile when you first click into it? What do those nine posts TELL people? Do they paint a picture of you, your business and what you’re all about?

If they don’t, you’re missing out on business. People will click on your profile, they won’t find anything they can relate to, and they will click out.

So, think of a few things that you would love people to know about you and your business. Both the behind the scenes stuff, and the stuff that showcases your values. Pick, say, five. They don’t have to be sexy. They just have to sum up your brand and personality, and what you’re all about. And then, deliver those nine things in your feed consistently. It might be that you love your family, or summer, or that your brand is all about quality.

Whatever it is, in every set of nine Insta pictures those things need to come up again and again. Why? Well, so that when a potential client is looking at your feed, you’re giving them the chance to find something they can relate to – or, in other words, a point of connection.

Once they have that, you’re one step closer to having them do business with you.


Use pictures of YOU and your staff in you social media feed. This is something that I will be starting to do a LOT more very shortly, and I am looking forward to documenting and sharing the results with you. Use high quality images but be real – share your successes, but also some of your failures/behind the scenes.

And, speak to your audience as if they are your best friend.

Your ideal clients need to connect with you as a person (or your company and its people as a brand) in order to feel drawn to work with you.


Why do people come to you? Usually, it’s because they have an immediate need. A frustration, a want (this is ‘head’ stuff, remember). And when they purchase, they’ll justify it based on this.

But really? There is a ‘bigger’, deeper reason behind every single purchasing decision, and it’s EMOTIONAL.

Your brand story and the stuff you post on social needs to speak to this. Let’s say you’re a Virtual Assistant, for example.

A client’s immediate need is to outsource some of their admin work. But, digging deeper, they dream of having more TIME.

To work on, rather than in, their business.

What would that time give them?

Possibly, the opportunity to build an EMPIRE and ultimately be financially free and spend more time with their kids. Your socials need to speak to THIS.

One of the best ways to do this is to think of every single post as a little snippet or chapter in your entire brand story.

Use your captions to really dive deep, and tell people what you’re all about. Each caption should be a mini blog post, always thinking about why the content matters to your potential client.

If you have a great picture, tell the story behind, tell your followers why this photo matters, explain the context of it, or why they should care about it and not just keep scrolling?

Tell your potential clients why you’re in business, and how you really LOVE this stuff and want to help them do just that.

Show them that you are passionate about solving their problem, simplifying their days and/or adding value to their lives.


Think of social media as the platform for establishing a relationship.

Tell your story, be real, get people to connect with you and what you’re all about. Once they feel they know, like and trust you, they might subscribe to your email newsletter. Or join your closed Facebook group. Or go to your website and sign up.

The point of social? To get people to a point where you can get them OFF social and into a more personal environment which you have more control over and where you can then talk about your offerings, because you now know that they want to hear about it.

Social, when done right, is an invitation for your followers to go a step further with you.  You don’t need to SELL ON SOCIAL.

In fact, it’s better not to. What a relief, eh?

Here’s some ways to do just that:

  • Write helpful blog posts and share them on social. This takes your followers off social to your website, where your contact form and newsletter sign up form sits.
  • Encourage your followers to sign up to your email newsletter in return for a freebie offer.
  • Simply ask.. For example ‘ I am currently taking bookings for social media coaching, email me at X’.
  • Encourage your followers to join your private Facebook group.

Once you have people off a ‘public’ social channel, you can start with the ‘head’ talk – the logical rationale behind why they should buy from you.

Don’t forget the heart, but ‘sandwich’ the features of your services/product into between it.

It’s MUCH easier to sell on a platform you have control of, where you are speaking to an audience who has already opted in to what you have to say.

In summary, social media is all about giving people the opportunity to find a connection point with you. Ultimately, people do business with people. They want to get to know you, and find out whether you’re someone they can relate to and ultimately trust.

To help them do that, you need to be telling them why you do what you do, and what you’re all about. You also need to give them a sneak peek into you and what you’re into. The behind the scenes stuff.

Speak to their HEART, not their head.

That’s how you make real connections, grow your social following and ultimately it’s the key to social media success.

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