Design (or re-design) a wildly aligned expertise-based online business that feels just right for you.

In this free 4-week business model program, you will build a clear and compelling vision for an online business that fits YOUR version of the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot".

Kicks Off 12 September, 2023

Total Value $3,499 Currently FREE

This program is FREE right now, but after this round, it will be paid. 

Does This Sound Like YOU?

You HAVE or WANT a more leveraged online business.

You crave freedom, flexibility and a way to package your expertise into the kind of business that eventually delivers you time, freedom and happiness in SPADES. 


You're no stranger to creating content online, and perhaps you already have a digital course, digital product(s) or leveraged program.. but there's that niggle.

Whether it's selling like hotcakes or you're hearing crickets, something doesn't feel quiiiiite right.

Is it your offer? Your selling system? Your messaging? Or is there something BIGGER at play here? 

The Online Creator, Course Creator or Audience Builder —

Your business currently requires a whole lot of your time, you feel like you have 10 bosses (instead of the one you left your corporate job for) and your calendar is full to the brim #hellobookedoutburnout

You're SO ready to divorce your value from your time with a leveraged expertise-based business or revenue stream but you know one to many is a WHOLE different ballgame.
Can you REALLY do this (and will it ACTUALLY give me what I really want?)

The Online Service Provider, Coach, or Consultant —
1:1 is Currently Your Jam


The TRUE secret to a profitable, sustainable and highly leveraged online business that delivers time, freedom and happiness in spades, isn't:

🖤 Diving in headfirst without any clear idea of your endgame;
🖤 Following an "action plan" that doesn't align with what you actually want; or
🖤 Digging into nitty gritty online business strategy (like offer design, messaging, sales funnels or content creation) WITHOUT first aligning it with where it is you want to GO. 

Instead? It's intentionally DESIGNING (or re-designing) the business you want FIRST
(the strategy and "STUFF" comes later). Ultimately?

It's locking down your BUSINESS MODEL and ENDGAME NOW 

(whether you're starting from scratch or five years in), so that you don't spend - or continue to spend - months and years running in the wrong direction only to end up with a business you don't actually love. 

"Expertise-based online businesses" are the BEST online business model for achieving the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. 

This could mean courses, programs, masterminds, leveraged productised services, leveraged coaching or consulting.. or a big ol' mash-up.

Here's the rub, though.

YOUR sweet spot will be unique to you (and that's kind of the point). Different models and combinations will suit different people, seasons and personal business "endgames".

Choosing intentionally, and ensuring that you end up with a business that you genuinely love, that makes real waves and that ultimately complements (and fuels) the LIFE you want.

... whether you're starting from scratch or five years (or more!) in the game.

The goal? To swap relentless scale or revenue at any cost as the only metric for success, and instead to optimise for a small + mighty business that delivers profit and impact, but also time, freedom and happiness in spades.

The vehicle? A leveraged expertise-based online business with high profit margins, the ability to work five hour days and a lean, remote team.

Or, something else, if you'd prefer..

 The point is? YOU get to choose. 


What You'll Learn In This Free Program:

Here's The Sort of  Thing We Will Cover

Note: The exact inclusions are subject to change based on the flow of the four weeks and what you need!

Create a set of "business rules" to act as decision-making guardrails as you intentionally design (or re-design) your business to suit your desired endgame. 

Discover the two business "endgame" options and decide (or re-decide) which is right for YOU (so you don't spend months and years running in the wrong direction). 

Week One —
Clarify Your Endgame

Curiously examine every facet of your life and business, and ruthlessly audit what is (and isn't) aligned; 

Pre Work —
Decide What You Want

The ONE thing you must do right now to ensure you don't end up with a "fatal business model flaw" that will result in you building a business that will never achieve your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

Align (or re-align) your business model and product suite to suit your unique delivery sweet spot. 

Week Three —Find Your Delivery Sweet Spot

Get crystal clear clarity on the personal and business profit goal you need to fulfil your "Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot".

Define your "enough" revenue number, so that you're able to competently and confidently achieve it (and not a cent more — we'll explain why). 

Week Two —
Define Your Enough

Confidently align (or re-align) your offer suite topics with a talkaboutable edge to stand out.

Zero in on the beautiful intersection between profitability AND a unique mission that truly fulfils you — rather than simply doing the thing you're "supposed to" (people can TELL when you're not white-hot passionate about what you do!)

Week Four - Craft Your Talkaboutable Edge

Get crystal clear clarity on what you DO and DON'T want, so you are able to build an inspiring business vision to intentionally take action on.

You'll also get a juicy bonus session on mapping your profitable product suite, and the goss on our OWN business remodel. 

We will toast and celebrate the action we have taken!

Week Five —Bonus Live Celebration + Map Your Profitable Product Suite Session

Crystal Clear Clarity — On your desired endgame in business and in life, so you don't spend months or years running in the wrong direction (this is the most important work you will ever do). 

Accompanying Workbook — Step-by-step digital workbook with fun, actionable exercises to complete to pinpoint YOUR Sweet Spot [Value $499]

Lesson Drops Over Five Weeks — Five LIVE short but thought-provoking lessons to help you design your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot [Value $1,999]

This FREE Program Includes:


Private Community — Access to a PRIVATE Community with Your Mini-Minders for the duration of the FREE Program [Value Priceless]

Total Value— $3499 Currently FREE. 

This is the FIRST time we are running this and so we are GIFTING it to your for free to get feedback, it will be a paid product next time.

For all experience levels (current, aspiring and advanced expertise-based online businesses)

Design (or re-design) a remote-first business you truly LOVE

LIVE Weekly lesson sessions and community

100% FREE as a gift to help you define YOUR Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot

The Details

You're yet to make the leap to entrepreneurship;

You're wondering how on EARTH to swap the mind-numbing drudgery of the everyday for a life of POSSIBILITY (and the flexibility to do it all from an off-the-beaten-track Airbnb in Slovenia — or the lounge room while the baby sleeps)... when the only skill we think we have is a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome; 

And, you're in need of inspiration (as well as a fully fleshed out "endgame" to give you to kickstart you need to get GOING in the right direction). 

Online Service Providers

Current Online Experts, Coaches, Course Creators

Aspiring Online
Business Owners

You currently have some sort of expertise-based online business - think 1:1 coaching, group program, courses, consulting.. but you're not wildly aligned with it, something (or many things!) feel off and you're lacking the freedom and flexibility you started it all for in the first place. 

You're craving a better way, and the kind of leveraged business that perfectly fits YOUR definition of the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot (instead of constantly sprinting towards a finish line with no end in sight!)

Online Service Providers

Current Online Experts, Coaches, Course Creators

Aspiring Online
Business Owners

You started your business to enjoy more freedom and time, but you’re still working 40 hour + weeks and wondering.. “where am I going wrong here?!”

You’re ready to create something leveraged (but you're not sure you want to create a "course"). Plot twist? You don't have to!

"Delivery mash ups" are the BEST way for service providers to create something leveraged and stand out; you likely already have the skills to re-align to your sweet spot with a simple, more leveraged offer suite that stands out BECAUSE it's unique.

Online Service Providers

Current Online Experts, Coaches, Course Creators

Aspiring Online
Business Owners

Who Is This For?

It's time to design (or re-design) your expertise-based online business to reach your Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot 

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