The Global Goal by 2030? Is Zero.

But also? We don’t think it’s fair that we’re afforded this privilege simply on account of winning the “location lottery” and being born into a country and circumstances that give us access to the tools, education to do so with gusto. Across the world, there are millions of people without access to life-SAVING water, education, food. Things that would give THEM possibility, freedom, life and the ability to choose. 

As Course Creators, we’re fortunate to be able to create life-changing freedom and flexibility in our own lives.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to being 1% better every day. And to giving 1% too, to causes that will help MORE people create freedom in their own lives. 

In starting The Course Cartel, a core premise is being wildly committed to being a little better every day. And so, we have taken our “think small” ethos to dream big by giving a little too.

It’s a lofty goal, but we’re hellbent on doing our bit to “level the playing field”.

Our Impact Commitment: For every ‘leveraged dollar’ that our Launchpad clients make from their flagship online course or programs, we will give a day of life saving access to food, water, education to someone in need.

Our FIRST goal is 1 million days. Our vision? Is for more people to live ON PURPOSE in the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot, doing what they love and making ripple effects of impact doing it that extend far beyond the time, freedom and happiness they generate in their OWN lives.

To our clients: Thank you for bottling your magic into an online course or program; we’re so proud of the impact we’ll make together.

Introducing our #1Mfreedomdays campaign —


Through our partnership with B1G1's Global Giving Initiative, we’re able to make a real difference to those in need right across the globe. B1G1 has a unique giving model which means 100% of the giving goes straight to people in need.

B1G1 allows us to give generously to high-impact worthy causes worldwide every time our clients bottle their magic into an online course or program.

By joining B1G1, we have become part of a global movement that is creating a world full of giving and positive impact. B1G1 is a community of like-minded businesses who are committed to making a positive difference in the world. 


Introducing our B1G1: Business For Good  Initiative

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We’re for impact.
We’re for freedom.
We’re for happiness.
We’re for course creators.

As you grow your course business, you’ll ALSO be contributing to our giving initiatives, and when you choose to work with us, we will give YOU the ability to choose the impact you want to make.

By joining us in one of our programs, you’ll be committing to build more freedom into your own life and to create ripple effects of impact with the students you serve. 

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