Install These Instagram Systems to Streamline Your Social Media Game

June 20, 2023

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If social media feels like a chore, you likely don’t have sustainable systems in place.

In this week’s episode, we explore how to install them into your business to lift your Instagram game.

Brittany Worthington is the founder of The Social Britify who you may recognise from last week’s podcast episode or, as being one of our case studies inside of our Launchpad program.

In this podcast episode, Britt and I explore Instagram systems and strategies to streamline your social media.

Want to install them into YOUR business?

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In this podcast episode, we discussed:

✔️ The Importance of Systems for Capturing Ideas

✔️ How To Create More Efficient Content Creation Systems

✔️ How to Create Content for Different Phases of Your Sales Cycle

✔️ The Age-Old Debate: To Batch or Not To Batch

✔️ And MORE!

If you are a business or personal brand is on Instagram and you want to streamline your social media operations, this is the episode for you.

More about our Guest, Brittany Worthington:

Follow Britt on Instagram:

PS Next week, Britt is hosting a FREE Instagram event. Over four days, you’ll learn:

  • The ULTIMATE Checklist for “Zhushing” Your Instagram Account Ready for Massive Growth
  • The Three Instagram Cycles Your Content NEEDS for Sales on Autopilot
  • Three ‘What’s-Working-Right Now’ Instagram Secrets (And How You Can Implement Them ASAP)
  • The Realistic, 15 Minute a Day “I’ll-Actually-Do-This” Instagram Success Plan

To register for free, click here.

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