Our “Life First” Business Plan For 2023

February 21, 2023

A couple of years ago, I had a profound epiphany that changed my business and my life forever.

At the time, my digital course business was rapidly growing.

It’s revenue was skyrocketing.

We had more students than ever.

And – on paper, at least – I had achieved the success that I had thought I so desperately wanted.

I should have felt happy, excited and full of pride.

Only… I didn’t.

Here’s how I felt instead:

🚩 Tired, Burnt Out and Over It: Because I had been so hell-bent on growth, I’d sprinted towards it at any cost, leaving a trail of mess and burnout in my wake.

🚩 Like an Imposter: I had surprised myself at the level of success I’d managed to achieve. Things were PUMPING but deep down I was petrified that it could all fall apart at any minute.

🚩 Betrayed: “Hire team”, they told me, “it’s the secret to working less!”. So I did, only to end up working MORE trying to train them, answering their constantly boomerang-ing questions and spending my precious “innovation” time (which had GOTTEN me the success I’d achieved to date) micro-managing them.

🚩 Like a Bad Mama: Constantly feeling pulled in all directions, I felt unable to give the business what it needed to thrive, AND unable to give my babies the time I wanted to in their precious early years.

I carried guilt around 24/7 and wondered whether I’d created a hamster wheel that I might not ever be able to get off.

If you’re a course creator that has experienced that first sweet taste of success but find yourself feeling some of the same things I did, I see you.

At the time, I knew something had to change…

One Saturday, I sat down with my own thoughts for an hour.

No babies, no Slack-pings, no podcasts playing in the background.

Just me, and my thoughts.

I asked myself this question:

What is the purpose of all of this? What is it that I WANT, at the end of the day?

I sketched it all out, messily.

And this is what I mapped out:

My Goals:

1. Goal One: More Profit – I wanted a business that prioritised PROFIT AND IMPACT above all else. A simple, profitable business that created deep waves of impact for the people we served.

2. Goal Two: More Time – I wanted a business that would give me MORE time to spend with my babies and on other projects, and more SPACE to work on the “genius” zone work that had the greatest impact on the business.

The Business Model I Needed to Get There:

From there, I reverse engineered into the business model that would deliver that to me:

A simple business with high profit margins, working 5-hour days with a lean, remote team of 1-5 and a mostly clear calendar.

AKA.. A Business With the Endgame of The Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot.

Since that day, I have been hellbent on a different goal.

Getting clarity on my endgame and reverse engineering into a business that achieves it the epiphany that profoundly changed my business and my life.

This is the “Life First” Business Plan we are implementing in 2023.

It is optimised for maintaining our desired endgame in business, which is to live in the “Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot” — a simple business with high profit margins, working 5-hour days with a lean, remote team of 1-5 and a mostly clear calendar.

If YOU are aligned with our desired endgame in business, maybe it’s a model you’d like to follow?

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We talk through:

✔️ Traffic Strategies

Our exact traffic strategies for nurturing and growing our audience;

✔️ Offers

The core offers and profit maximisers we’re focused on and why;

✔️ Selling Systems

The dual selling system that will drive our sales, and how more than 50% of our revenue WON’T come from new sales;

✔️ Team

The exact structure of our team; and

✔️ Delivery

How we optimise our delivery for results and 5-hour days.

We also cover goal setting and how we intend to invest the additional time and profit this model will generate for us this year.

PS Want to see the FULL Youtube video where I break the above down in detail? Click here, I’ve been told it’s the most valuable thing I’ve ever shared.

Interested in a similar model and already a course creator/online educator?

In early March, we’re hosting a private training where we will be sharing the roadmap to the Lifestyle Business Sweet Spot. This is for anyone interested in building out the “business” behind their business and creating a profitable, sustainable online education business.

We’ll also be sharing Foundation Pricing for our Legacy program launching in April with invitees (We won’t be offering this pricing again!).

Join the waitlist here now to get your free invite and the Foundation Round pricing: www.thecoursecartel.com/legacy

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